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Marram Co's moisturisers are specially formulated to keep the skin moisturised and protected in order to ward off premature skin ageing, stop wrinkles from settling in, and prevent sun damage.

Natural UV Absorbers are the latest technology in sun protection popular on the west coast of America. UV Absorbers literally stop the UV from getting past the top layer of skin thus stopping sun burn and long-term ageing but they also allow the rest of the ingredients to have their therapeutic and nourishing effect on the many layers of skin below.




The Marram Co moisturisers are totally natural. No parabens, no artificial chemicals, no synthetic stuff; just the highest quality natural ingredients and essential oils from hand-picked organic farms across the world.


They’re full of vitamin E and Omega 3 & 6 which help collagen production, makes your skin more elastic and reduces the look of fine lines. They’re also excellent hydrators and full of anti-oxidants. The molecules of these oils are so small that the moisturiser is absorbed immediately deep into the skin without any greasy feeling at all on the skin surface.

The Juniper, Blood Orange and Black Pepper essential oils give the moisturiser a subtle, uplifting scent and they have detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties too.


We would recommend using it twice a day on clean skin to nourish and protect your face and neck. It is a perfect way to finish your Marram Co Shave.

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