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Be true to yourself and take the fight to the world, this is Fibre Royale’s DNA.

A strong, natural product that provides strength and hold without adding volume or dulling natural shine. Utilising a bespoke blend of Beeswax, Argan oil and Kawakawa to mould hair and treat the scalp, Fibre Royale (in France they call it something else) is a strong hold, low volume product that delivers a natural look & style. Perfect for medium to long hairstyles, ideal for both men’s and women’s cuts, best for thicker hair types.


Five things you need to know:

1/ It’s ‘Non-Volumising’ and delivers a stronghold

2/ Key ingredients ‘Beeswax and Argan oil’ combine to deliver tensile strength and weight with a natural look without adding volume.

3/ Kawakawa treats the scalp whilst the water-based formulation allows pores to breathe.

4/ Fibre is easy to apply especially to thick or long hair. In fact, its designed for exactly these hair types. 

5/ It’s water based so its non-greasy and it smells like Santa Monica (our bespoke fragrance of Ho Wood bark, Pine Needle and Orange rind).


Activate a small amount of Fibre Royale between your hands and work through dry or damp hair. Walk tall, run strong.

Activate a small amount of Fiber Royale between your hands and work on dry or wet hair. Walk high, run strong.

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