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Restorative Prebiotic Care

A luxurious, everyday body care experience. This silky, non- toxic cream drenches the skin with a layer of deep hydratation that lasts through the day. Enhanced with a Plasma Rich in Cell Factors from Noni and Peptides from Lactic Bacteria, the result is a prebiotic blend that balances the microbiota and visibly improves the skin.

The powerful formula is reinforced by a cocktail of nature´s most nutritive lipids: Calendula, known for its soothing and calming properties, and Zea Mays, plus honeycomb and jojoba waxes provide antioxidant and essential fatty acids to the skin. 


• Repairs, perfects and protects

• Strengthens the quality of the skin and its microbiota

• Provides the skin a healthy appearance free of impurities

• Helps to calm skin affected by dysbiosis and inflammation

• Combats redness after solar overexposure

• Softens peeling and dryness

• Refines the skin’s texture

• Less visible pores

• Gives a juicy and luminous skin effect

Use daily in the morning and/or at night. It is recommended to apply the product using circular movements when going over the belly and buttocks and ascending motions on the other parts of the body.

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