Summer brings with it more vivid, cheerful, luminous, and eye-catching colors. Skin gets darker and hair gets lighter. The sun shines brighter. Days are endless and so are the nights. The sea, the air… all is purer in summer.

We are freer or so it feels. The air is clean, pure and fresh. Many flowers reach their full brightness during the summer, delighting with a lively color and an intense fragrance to all those who admire them.

And the fragrances... They make us travel in time, they embrace us and lead us to close our eyes so we can focus only on one sense: smell. They make us breathe deeply. And if there are fragrances that take us into the summer, those are the fresh, natural and floral ones.

Maisolence loves summer, freshness, and freedom. That is why we have made a selection of the most suitable perfumes for this season. Intense fragrances that will captivate you. Here they are!


Hotel Riviera has an intense fragrance that will take you to the Mediterranean coast. As if you were barefoot on the beach and with your messy hair. Hotel Riviera is the fragrance of summer itself: it's the freshness of mint and citrus on a bed of sun-filled orange flowers, mixed at the same time with cedarwood.


Domaine Du Cap reminds us of those landscapes bathed by the sun and full of aromatic plants. The powerful fragrance of thyme, basil and wild fennel gives this perfume an amazing strength and intensity.


La Baie Des Anges has a sweet and incredibly addictive fragrance that evokes the desire to extend your vacation. The freshness of grapefruit and rhubarb with a background of jasmine, ylang-ylang, and vanilla ensure that this fragrance will last forever. Ideal for a short-lived time that all wish was eternal.

Every season has its scent! And these are the perfumes of summer according to Maisolence. Keep it in mind and enjoy them!

We almost missed the most important part! At Maisolence, we know that it's important to feel the experience, the physical sensation, to try any product to be sure of your purchase. That's why we have mini fragrances available. Order them and we will send you several so you can choose the one you like the most. When you purchase the chosen fragrance, we will discount the shipment of the previous ones.
What are you waiting for!? Hurry and get your favorite summer fragrance.

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