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Anti-aging body cream.

This nourishing cream, provides the right amount of repairing lipids and dose of collagen to the skin. Body cream with an unusually high percentage of valuable modeling active substances. Suitable for all skins that want to combine care with an optimal effect.

Every centimeter of the skin deserves the same protection and nutrition as the face, 840 PERFECT SILHOUTTE BODY CREAM is a suitable treatment for the whole body. Enriched with extract of RADIOLA reduces, nourishes, energizes and moisturizes with an exclusive silky texture designed for normal to dry skin, it melts deliciously on the skin for intense hydration and long-lasting comfort. 

It is proven that the innovative technology of its assets doubled the restorative power of the skin's natural collagen. Helps increase firmness and density, recover and maintain hydration, attenuates roughness, peeling and irregular texture of the skin.



RHODIOLA: Also known as "golden root", is an adaptogenic herb with great power to burn fat and increase energy. A family of native plants that grows in the coldest regions of the world. From 760 a.c. this plant was already used by Tibetans to treat diseases and help the well-being of the body. And for centuries, it was also used in traditional medicine in places like Russia and Scandinavia.

MOLECULAR LOW WEIGHT HYALURONIC ACID: high moisturizing power, anti-aging, design for a better penetration in the skin. Maximizes hydration and prevents aging.

BIO-MARINE COLLAGEN: collagen is one of the most important components to maintain a youthful skin, this active provides amino acids and minerals helping to maintain elasticity, relieving and moisturizing the skin.

KARITÉ ECOCERT BUTTER: especially careful, for a soft and fine skin. Protects the structure of the skin and retains elasticity. It nourishes intensely, strengthens, regenerates and smooths.

HYGROSCOPIC MOLECULES COMPLEX: is a patented intelligent mixture of small hygroscopic molecules composed of hyaluronic acid, essential amino acids, allantoin and other active ingredients that provide hydration to the skin, effectively treat the signs of aging and delicate skin.

ALANTOIN: calms and soothes the skin.

Apply morning and night all over the body, giving a massage. Repeat the application in case of cutaneous zones that require in particular a more intense treatment. 

* For a complete treatment use in combination with the boosters indicated for the needs of the skin.

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