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Antiox hydration.

True on hydration activator of intense and prolonged effect, this refreshing fluid is the emergency solution of dehydrated skins, of fast absorption, allows the epidermis to reconstitute its moisturizing reserves. Rich in natural antioxidants acts as a corrective treatment restoring balance to stressed and contaminated skin.

It has a neutralizing effect on contaminated skin, corrects patches of dryness and balances sebaceous secretions. Use this elixir as part of an anti-aging defense system.

Ideal for unbalanced skin, dehydrated or exposed to contamination - Smokers. Ideal to treat the first signs of aging.



Seawater / Trace elements: Revitalizing, re-exfoliating, moisturizing, improving cell cohesion, source of minerals and oligoelements.

Gorse Water G: Symbol of renewal, promotes the release of beta-endorphins that contain relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Patented Anti Pollution Complex: Algae skin alginates are depolymerized to obtain a high molecular weight oligoalginate. Applied to human skin, it remains on the surface of the epidermis to form an invisible protective mask against pollution.

Complex Hexapéptidos: They mimic the activity of FOXO3a (member of the transcription factors Forkhead box), which is involved in the repair, renewal and cellular longevity. They protect DNA from damage, stimulate their natural repair routes and revert senescence in fibroblasts, maintaining genomic integrity protecting and repairing DNA damage induced by various factors such as dehydration.

Witch Hazel Water: Soothing and balancing effect.

 Plankton Extract: (E.crustaceum) acts on the main signs of fatigue and aging thanks to the improvement of the microcirculation and the reinforcement of the extracellular matrix. 

Apply in the morning and at night on the clean skin of the face, the neck and the neckline performing a gentle massage. Then follow the steps of the Sofia Bertrand treatment.

Personalize the treatment to increase the benefits on the skin to be treated.

Boost milk, tonic and masks with this Serum to achieve a greater effect.

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