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Essential scrub that combines in a single product, the benefits of chemical exfoliation AHA (fruit acids), mechanical exfoliation (microspheres) and the action of patented peptides that protect the nucleus of aging cells.

This mask-shaped peel is an exclusive formula that effectively eliminates dead skin cells, refines the skin and improves the complexion's luminosity, minimizing the risk of irritation. It is ideal for those who enjoy the sensation that the exfoliating particles provide on the skin.


MAIN ASSETS A.H.A.50 (alpha-hydroxyacids):

Concentrate of passion fruit, lemon, grape and pineapple, titrated in lactic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid and glycolic acid with high exfoliating, moisturizing and cell renewal effect.

PATENTED TETRAPEPTIDO: Indicated specifically to combat skins asphyxiated by the harmful effects of pollution, pollution, tobacco and UV radiation that lead to intrinsic and extrinsic photo- aging. It is capable of promoting the capacity of the DNA repair system.

VITAMIN B5: Allows cellular respiration. It reduces the size of the pores calm and moisturizes the skin.

B-GLUCANO: Biotechnological active that includes a species of fungus "Schizophyllum commune" and yeast among other ingredients. It has detoxifying effect, provides resistance to the skin against oxidative stress, improves the firmness of the skin and stimulates cell renewal.

EXFOLIATING MICROSPHERES OF VOLCANIC ORIGIN: They have a great ultra thin surface structure to achieve an effective and safe exfoliation. It has a great ability to absorb impurities without hindering the skin's natural ability to breathe.

Use once or twice a week, applying a thin layer on the face, neck and décolleté, expose between 7 and 10 minutes, then massage gently with circular movements and avoiding the area of the eyes.

Gently remove with warm water and apply the tonic 105. Follow the proper treatment steps of Sofia Bertrand.

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